About Us

Jeanette Whitmore - Tenor

Jeanette is a Master Director with Sweet Adelines International and the Director of the Vocal Vibes Chorus in Victoria. She sings Tenor for Cha-Ching! She is Yoda to the group because wise she is. Jeanette's years of training and education keep Cha-Ching! on track and moving forward all the while floating above them with that perfect Tenor ring. Jeanette is the rock and stability of ChaChing!

Vernice Kominiarski - Lead

Cha-Ching!'s Lead voice is Vernice Kominiarski. Vernice brings many years of experience to the group and makes sure they have plenty of places to sing and show off! Vernice is the quartet's caretaker, she makes sure everyone is ironed, fed and eyelashed. Of course she always does it with a song and never stops singing! 

Taryn Wright - Baritone

Taryn is ChaChing!'s amazing Baritone voice. She is opera trained and music educated as well as being the owner of Mini Maestros in Essendon North and Keilor Park where she teaches music. Taryn's quirkiness brings that little extra something to Cha-Ching! that makes it unique and special. 

Liz Martin - Bass

Liz comes with years of experience in musical theatre from the United States. As the bottom of the barbershop cone she loves singing Bass because she can. She has an unusual obsession with royalty and sparkly things that sit atop the head.....we all have to have dreams don't we!