A Look at Cha-Ching!

Once upon a time, In July of 2010, Jeanette and Vernice asked Liz to join a new quartet that they were forming. After thinking long and hard for 1.5 seconds, she said YES! There was no name, but there was a Lead, a Tenor and a Bass. The hunt was on for the fourth...a Baritone. The  glue that holds a quartet together and like any mythical animal, the elusive barbershop baritone is tough to find but the three were determined. Vernice knew Taryn and brought her to rehearsal....just to see. Taryn opened her mouth and out came the glue that put them together....they were a quartet. A name....hmm...a name....what to call themselves. The list was long indeed..all of them throwing the ideas out. But one name kept coming back. Cha-Ching was born and the rest is well.....you know. 

© 2013 Created by The Cha-Ching! Quartet

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